John Knott founded Bent Fabrication in December 2002, the result of the inevitable collision of John’s passion for design and an uncontrollable urge to build and learn. John studied design and art at the University of Houston, receiving a BA in Architecture in 1991, and he has over 20 years experience designing and building furniture, sculptures and museum exhibits. John lives in Houston with his wife and their two daughters.


My inspiration comes from the tension created by the interaction of people and objects moving through the world. I strive to imbue commissioned pieces with the spirit and lifestyle of my clients.


I use a wide variety of materials and finishes, and I’m constantly experimenting with new design elements. I use only the highest quality materials, including solid woods, veneers, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. I strive to make each piece I build as enjoyable to touch as it is to look at.


In addition to furniture and sculpture, Bent Fabrication also creates museum exhibits, commercial displays and signage. Bent Fabrication will also build your industrial and commercial prototypes. If you need anything designed or built, contact us.


The first step is to contact us either by phone or email. Let’s talk about what you want, what it will be used for and what design ideas you might have. If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry; we have plenty. If possible, we may want to visit your location to get a feel for the site. After we have an understanding of what it is you want, we’ll come up with some preliminary designs and rough cost estimates. Once we have decided on a design, we will work out the details and calculate an exact cost. To begin construction, Bent Fabrication requires a 50% deposit, the balance to be paid upon completion and delivery of the piece. Prices will include installation if necessary, and custom crates can be built if needed for shipping.

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